Graphical Representation of Data – Pile Utilization
Heres a way to present data from revit in a meaningful way: Understanding utilization and therefore spare capacity of existing foundations.
Running a Dynamo Script Outside of Dynamo
You can create a windows shortcut to run a .dyn file by pasting the following into the shortcut location box.
Add Break Lines with Dynamo
Adding break lines to the active view where elements intersect the crop region.
Override Colour by Parameter Values
This Dynamo Script overrides the colour of elements in the current view from green to red, based on the value of a specified parameter.
Add Text to Dimensions
Add Text to multiple dimensions as an override, prefix, suffix, above or below value.
Easy Custom Revit Hatch Patterns
For anyone wanting to create custom fill patterns in Revit, the following link provides a very easy way, by drawing them in AutoCAD and saving as a .pat file.   Custom Revit Hatch Patterns – The EASY way!
Automatic Cross-Section Rotations using Dynamo
Dynamo can be used to Set the Cross-Section Rotation parameter for multiple beams. In this example, I am creating purlins using ‘Beam System’ in Revit, then using Dynamo to set the Cross-Section Rotation for all the Purlins in the Beam System so that they follow the curve profile.   Here’s the workflow: 1. Create a […]
‘Wavy’ Framing on Surface using Dynamo
– Here’s a little workflow for creating ‘wavy’ framing on a surface: 1. Link a Surface into a Revit Mass:   –>     2. Create a Roof by Face – Select the Surface, Create Roof:   –>     3. In Dynamo, intersect the Grids with the Face to get the curves and create the framing.   […]
More Dynamo Scripts for Everyday Use
“A good draughty is a lazy draughty.” Not totally convinced by that, but the theme for most of these tools does lean towards ‘bulk-doing’; the sort of ‘character-building’ work the office junior used to take care of. Blog posts / screengrabs to come, but here are a handful of scripts produced so far: Override Colour […]
Find & Replace Parameter Values with Dynamo
Using Dynamo Player and the Data-Shapes package, we can effectively create a ‘Super find and replace’ tool for parameters in Revit.
Learn Dynamo
Understanding what Dynamo is, where to find things and how it works.
Create Folder, DWGs & PDFs with Dynamo
The purpose of this tool is to export DWGs and PDFs of any Sheet where the revision matches today’s date, then place these in an auto generated new Folder which is dated and named in a standard format. Essentially, an ‘ETransmit’ for Revit Sheets.
Sheet Pile Walls with Dynamo
Dynamo can be used to create a Sheet Pile Wall, based on Model Lines and a Topography in Revit.
Dynamo Player & User Input Forms
Using Dynamo Player and Multiple Input Forms to allow user input outside of Dynamo means you can create what is effectively a Revit Add-In for others to use, without knowing how to write code, and without others knowing how to use Dynamo.
Managing Revit Sheets with Dynamo & Excel
Dynamo bridges the gap between Revit and Excel (third party Revit Add-Ins aside). Whilst it can be used to manage any number of parameters, here is a quick look at how Excel can be linked to Sheets in Revit, via Dynamo.
Bulk Join Elements with Dynamo
A tool for bulk-joining all intersecting elements of two categories in Revit.
Regular Expressions & Revit
Here’s an example of how Regular Expressions can be used to fix an old problem in Revit
Revit Template – Automation & Time-Saving Tips
Here are some time-saving tips to automate tasks, which can save you endless hours during a project.